Our Mission

"Help women fall in love with the game"

Hey I’m Amy! I’m 26, I moved from LA to Greece. I work and travel. I’ve built two businesses generating over 6-figures. But more importantly, I’ve helped several women take their own remote business full-time and to 6-figures in OBA. After several highs and lows on my own business journey, lots of failures and pivots...
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I discovered mentors, and mentors are truly my secret to success.
I trained with the best in the game on the men’s side:

- Sam Ovens: (best consultant in online business.]
- Arthur Arejian: (top commercial real estate agent in LA.]
- Tim Grover: (mindset coach to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and #1s]

But when I was starting out in business, I was really just winging it.
In my first online business (a social media marketing company) I had no idea what I was doing. But I managed to build it up to the point where it was bringing in more than my assistant job was.

I felt so hooked on online business.
You didn't have to be working in an office to add value

- You could work flexible hours
- Work from anywhere
- Help people all over the world
- Build a team and be the boss you wish you’d once had...

I ended up going into a lot of other business ventures…
But looking back at them all, it became very clear that without my mentors, I would have never had the breakthroughs I needed. I believe mentors show up for you when you need guidance the most. And all my male mentors were there for me exactly when I needed them.

But there was always something missing in those mentorships…
They were missing warmth, unconditional happiness, well-being, fulfilment, FUN.
They were so focused on money, winning, being the best. And their happiness was way too dependent on their success.

I tried turning to the women’s space, but it was too focused on motivational cheering with little results, and lacking a grounded strategy that actually works.
What I finally learned on my own business journey, after learning the best strategies, making money, traveling, living “the dream” ...

...Is that success alone, (getting everything you what), will not satisfy your thirst for life. What WILL satisfy your thirst, is loving every moment of your life, enjoying the journey, learning to fall in love with the game of life and business.  

At OBA we prioritize unconditional happiness (inner work, fun, feeling good now) AND business success (proven zero-fluff strategy, seeing results, adding real value to others, and “playing your best game.”)

Because building a successful business will not solve your inner melodrama...

And I’d really love to help you thrive instead of just survive.
- To “feel good now” unconditionally
- Build a thriving business you love
- Create a flexible, fun lifestyle
- Achieve financial freedom
- Serve others & add real value

If you have a burning desire to enjoy every moment of your life and build a thriving, sustainable online business — apply to join the OBA program.  
I hope you consider this opportunity because you can go a lot further than you think you can. But if you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to change things in your life.

Much love,

Amy Dugan | Founder of OBA (Online Biz Academy)

Our Values

Have fun

Have a positive attitude

Commit to relentless growth

Be a lifelong learner

Be customer-obsessed, serve & contribute

Lift others with compassion and love

Take responsibility for your life and business

‘Feel good now’over everything

Our Team

Founder & Mentor
Amy Dugan

Amy is the Founder of Online Biz Academy, a life and business mentorship program for women. She's helped several women take their business to full-time in just a few months and others to 6-figures in under a year. She trained in-person with Sam Ovens, Founder of Consulting.com as her mentor, and she is now helping women combine business success with well-being to help them "fall in love with the game" of life and entrepreneurship. She's 26, works and travels, and lives with her Pomeranian, Nahla.

Biz Development
Rania Samara

Rania is the Director of Business Development at Online Biz Academy, constantly reaching out to women who may be in need of our help and spreading awareness of our mission to help women thrive in life and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about women-in-business and the remote work revolution for work-life balance, allowing women to work from home, travel, and live life on their own terms. When she is not working she is finishing her last year of university, dancing, and traveling. She is 22 and lives in Jordan.

Head Floof

Nahla is the head floof at Online Biz Academy, constantly providing warmth and emotional support to the whole team. (She's met them all, and has traveled all over the place!) When Nahla isn't working on keeping us warm and loved, she is playing with her tennis ball, stealing socks, and exploring the world. She also loves cuddles, fetch, and fly hunting.

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