OBA Program

This program helps women start and scale online service-based businesses.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or freelancing full-time, join us to prioritize your well-being, get clear on your vision, package your offer, communicate your value, get leads, and sign consistent high-value clients every month.

What is it?

7-phase online course including Q&A calls, support, and access to our community.

Who's it for?

Women who want to start and scale an online service business or course.

Where is it?

In our online members portal. There are training videos and tools to implement.

How does it work?

Watch videos, implement action items, ask questions on the calls and in the community.

When does it start?

It starts the moment you sign up (after a strategy call.) It’s a lifetime access program.

Why does it exist?

To help women fall in love with the game of life and business. Strategy, fun, well-being.

Our Course - 7 Phases. 90 Days. Lifetime Access.



Time: 1 week

Master Your Mindset: in this module, learn how to evolve into 2.0 you who can easily build a thriving life and business. Get clarity on your vision, discover best methods of learning, and develop the auto-pilot habits you need to succeed.

Know Your Power: in this module, learn how to “feel good now” unconditionally, gain high belief and confidence, escape the competition mindset, and take full responsibility for your life and business to take control.

Result by this stage: major mindset shift, clarity on your vision, evolving into 2.0 you!



Time: 1-2 weeks

Finding Your Product Market Fit: in this module, learn how to identify and work with your dream clients, do thorough market research, and craft a scalable, irresistible offer that adds real value to your niche.

Packaging Your High-Ticket Offer: in this module, learn how to package an “80/20” high-ticket offer based on results vs time. Resonate your message so it strikes chord with your target audience, and go into the market with your offer.

Result by this stage: scalable, irresistible high-value offer!



Time: 1-3 weeks

Setting Up All The Things: in this module, assemble your business foundations, social media, website, sales funnel, and lead magnet. Get your framework and systems in place to integrate perfectly with marketing and lead generation.

Sales Mastery: in this module, learn how to sell your high-value offer on the phone and sign committed ideal clients. Customize the proven sales process to fit your offer, master value-add sales and closing, and collect payment upfront.

Result by this stage: high-converting online presence, communicate your value, and confidently convert strangers to clients on sales calls!



Time: 1-2 weeks

Organic Marketing: in this module, start generating leads for your new offer, establish your “proof of concept” and sign high-value clients. Execute on your daily “power tasks” and take control of the inputs that create great outputs.

Automate Lead Gen With VAs: in this module, learn how to outsource your lead generation to a virtual assistant to focus on your service delivery and cut back on time. Train your assistant with systems, and manage your new team.

Result by this stage: sign high-value clients, prove your offer’s value, and outsource!



Time: 1 week

Onboarding New Clients: in this module, learn how to onboard new clients and collect payment upfront, set clear expectations and boundaries, and stay organized throughout your service delivery.

Service Delivery: in this module, learn how to master your service delivery by keeping it lean, collecting feedback from your clients, and building a customer-obsessed business with case studies and video testimonials.

Result by this stage: smooth operations, clear client expectations, upfront payments, and awesome service.



Time: 1-2 weeks

Social Media Advertising: In this module, learn how to pull data from your organic marketing to create “direct-response” ad copy, launch your campaign, book strategy calls on auto-pilot, and scale your business with profitable ads. (optional!)

Supplemental Marketing: In this module, learn how to implement long term marketing strategies to keep your business thriving including email automation, value content, video content, SEO, and tracking data to make improvements.

Result by this stage: booking strategy calls on auto-pilot, signing more clients, scaling! (side-note: you can go full time and hit 6-figures without phase 6, this is optional.)



Time: 1 week

Cashflow & Finances: in this module, learn how to master money management as simply as possible, track your cash flow and revenue to keep expenses low, stay cash positive and be prepared for tax season.

CEO Workflow: in this module, learn how to manage your time to do more with less. Implement a strategic daily workflow as a business owner, review your progress to make pivots, and continue on your high-level vision as you grow.

Result by this stage: money management and time management on point, doing more with less, and staying on track towards your vision!

Our Community

Our member’s community, (OBA fam) is a family of creatives and entrepreneur women who have each other's back. Thrive in an amazing like-minded environment, celebrate wins, and get support from the Founder and members on your journey.

Join an epic mix of course creators, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, coaches, illustrators, healers, and more.

Live Mentorship

Our Founder and Coach, Amy Dugan, is here to hold your hand throughout the process, give you guidance, answer questions, and help you breakthrough. Learn from someone who has not only built multiple 6-figure businesses, but also prioritizes well-being and a balanced lifestyle.


At OBA we guide you and give thorough feedback throughout your journey. We help you course-correct as you go. We cover everything from helping you write and tweak your website copy, to crafting your marketing messages. You will have daily access to your mentor each step of the way.

Training Workshops

On top of our weekly coaching calls, we also host monthly training events to help with various aspects of the business. In our workshops we dive into sales call practice, mindset training, marketing mastery and more. Join us to keep learning, growing, and thriving in all areas of life and business.

Monthly Business Audits

Every month we offer a full audit on your business. We look at everything from your offer, script, website, marketing and more to see where the bottleneck is and help you get the best results possible. We look at the full picture, find the holes, and help you course-correct with detailed feedback.

Interested in joining OBA?

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