4 Most Important Elements Of Sales (To Communicate Your Value & Get High Paying Clients)

January 6, 2022

Today I’d like to talk about something that's extremely important in online business-- specifically, the four most important elements of sales and sales calls. (exciting!)

Most people struggle with communicating their value and closing high-value clients. If you’re interested in some of the key sales strategies you can implement to much-more-easily sign quality clients, I filmed a quick video covering how, check it out here!

Prefer reading about it? See below x

Number 1: RAPPORT

When you're talking to a potential customer, this is somebody that you want to influence; someone you want to communicate your value to. So the first thing that's that matters during your sales call is that you build immediate rapport with that person.

Okay so, how can you build immediate rapport?

- Bring incredible positive energy to the call
- Keep a great relationship, no matter what
- Smile while you talk and sit up straight
- Connect with them, be you, be real, leave your ego at the door, and listen!
- Find similarities between you and them so that they connect and resonate with you
- Prior to the call: look into them on social, get an idea of who they are.

People will always remember how you made them feel.


Another crucial element of sales calls is asking intelligent questions. The more “intelligent” the questions you ask, and the more it really strikes a chord with your ideal client’s felt needs. On top of that, the right questions will make them realize-- you know what the hell you're talking about.

And you probably know more than they do about what’s going on / what they need help with. And above all - these questions are going to help them become aware of what they need help with, give them clarity on what’s wrong, and know that you’re the one to help them.

Why? Because those questions that you're asking should be speaking to their felt needs.


The third most important thing in sales is certainty. When you're talking to someone, whoever is the most certain, is going to have an influence on the other. (if there is rapport.)

So first of all, you want to be really sold on your product or your service. You know it's amazing! You know it's bad-ass! You know it's going to add value to that person and get them results!

(If you don't know those things, you need to work on your product or service until you do feel that way and work on getting people great results. That's another topic. But-- OWN it. Be certain.)

So what you should do before a sales call is literally sit there and take 5 minutes before the call to just get into a state of certainty. Repeat to yourself “I know I can help this person, I know I can add value to this person. I know I can help them. I'm so excited to help them.”

Get in that state before you start the call -- because while that person is working up to certainty, you're already there. You're already certain, and you're going to have influence on that person.

Number 4: VOLUME

And the fourth thing that's also super important is volume. So the more sales calls you do, the better you're going to get, and the more clients you’re going to sign. Volume, volume, volume.

If your sales calls aren't great right now, there is no better replacement than just doing more and continuing to practice. There's nothing like just volume and practicing.

Improving these four elements alone will dramatically improve your sales calls and help help you convert more quality clients. You will be able to communicate your value in a much more powerful way than you probably were before.

So those are the four: rapport / good energy, asking intelligent questions, showing up to the call with certainty / being sold on your offer, and lastly volume / practice.

Hope that helps!

Much love,

Amy Dugan

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