2 mins

OBA Review x Tasha Romano

January 6, 2022

I’d like you to meet Tasha Romano - the owner of Form & Flow Studio, specializing in helping e-commerce brands optimize their marketing efforts and increase their sales. She’s extremely talented and passionate about her work. Before I met her, she was already running her own biz but she felt stuck with no idea how to scale or find and sign high-value clients.

Let’s go a bit deeper into Tasha’s story: 

Problem: Even after doing immense research, she still felt she took it as far as she could on her own. She needed to start taking her biz more seriously, charge a higher amount per package, and how to find and sign clients consistently. 

Solution: Join our OBA program (that shows you how to start and grow an online service-based business, sign consistent high-value clients, and improve your well-being as you grow!)

Results: Her whole mentality and outlook on life changed. She was able to achieve all the goals she set out to do and more.

In her words: “Not only is my business thriving, but my relationships are thriving with friends, with family, with my community, with my clients. What she has taught me has made my overall quality of life ten times better.”

Tasha went through every phase in the program and used all the tools and strategies in her business. She was able, not only to achieve her initial goals but to far exceed them.   

P.S. If you think you have what it takes and you’re ready to put your heart and soul into creating or scaling your own business, I would love nothing more than to see you succeed and be the best at what you do. You can book a free strategy call with me so we can discuss all the details.

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