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Acknowledging The Amazing Gifts You've Been Given

January 6, 2022

Today I want to talk to you about the gifts you have in your life. 

Starting with your brain; how much did it cost you to acquire a brain?

It didn't cost you anything.

It was a gift.

Did you know that not a single robot, machine, or anything human-made ever even came close to doing what your brain can do?

Let me put that into perspective for you. There are billions and billions of dollars being spent annually on technology that can imitate brain functions and yet they still can’t replicate it. 

But having your brain costs you nothing, so the fact that you have one means you are worth billions.

You’re extremely valuable, and you have a human mind that is capable of doing anything, literally anything.

I don't want you to be using that billion-dollar tool on things like melodrama or self-doubt.

Your mind can tackle any problem you throw at it so just by setting your sight on a goal you can achieve it. 

So if you wanted to build a valuable business that adds value to the world.
You can do that.

If you wanted to start a nonprofit that's going to change the way that people use plastic and minimize the harm on the environment.

You can do that because you have an amazing mind that can do anything.

All you need besides that mind is your will, your intention.

Another gift you have is your heart.

A beating human heart that’s keeping you alive.

Did you have to pay anything for that heart? No.

It was totally free of charge.

A gift from the universe.

When you were born, you were born with a heart.

It's really special.

It beats and it supports you without you having to do anything for it; you don’t tell it to beat, it just does. It supports you without you needing to do anything in return.

You have this vessel that was just given to you to help you walk this Earth and do amazing things.

Your eyes are another gift we forget to be grateful for. Without them, you can't see all the beautiful things in front of you.

You might be thinking, what does this talk have to do with business?

It has everything to do with business because these are all gifts you were handed from the universe so you can utilize them and do good with them. 

Don't use your eyes to be looking down and being sad, thinking of all the things wrong in your life.

Instead, use them to look around and be inspired by all the beautiful things around you. There’s always something new. It's like a constant show you get to experience with your eyes and your ears. You get to listen to sounds around you and experience the world with all that it has to offer.

You have so much to be grateful for and there are so many gifts that were given to you. The only thing holding you back from achieving the impossible is yourself. You're conscious, you have a mind, you have a heart, you have eyes, you have ears, you have skin, you have organs, you have hands to create and build things, you have a mouth to communicate, you have language.

If that’s not making you feel empowered then I don’t know what will. 

You have to ask yourself: “Why can't I appreciate those gifts?”

Take a deeper look inside and find the reasons holding you back from appreciating all those gifts and let go of them, get rid of them.

Be very stern and say, “I don't need this isn't serving me. I'm going to focus on the gifts that I've been given and I'm going to go out there into the world and contribute and build something beautiful and add value and share my gifts.”

I think you should start every morning with a quick meditation and take count of all the gifts you’ve been given and be grateful. Instead of looking at it like you're lacking, look at it like you are in abundance and the world is your oyster to serve and have fun with and let it inspire you.

I hope this makes you appreciate what you have and gives you a fresh perspective on your day, your life, yourself, and your abilities.

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