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How to Generate Leads for your Online Service Based Business

January 6, 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Rania and I'm the Director of Business Development at Online Biz Academy.

Today I'm going to tell you what exactly is lead generation and how you can use it in your online service-based business in order to attract your ideal client.

To start off, what is lead generation?

It is the process of getting businesses interested in learning more about what you're offering; about your services, so they can make a purchasing decision.

We have three different methods for lead generation: 

1. Outbound Lead Gen - when you reach out to a random stranger and try to sell them your services and we have different types:

- Cold calls

- Cold emails

- Messaging through different social media platforms  (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 

The issue with cold calls and cold emails is that you can't specify the person you're reaching out to. You can have a slight idea, but you can't match them to your ideal customer profile. However, with social media messaging, you can choose exactly the type of person who would be the ideal client for your business to reach out to.

2. Inbound Lead Gen - the content that you create and put out onto the internet for people to see and interact with shared with a link where they can book a meeting with you where you can sell them your idea or services. This type of content can either be:

- YouTube videos such as this one right now

- Blog posts

- Instagram posts

- LinkedIn articles

Any type of content that you create and put out independently onto the internet so it reaches the right person, and they contact you.

3. Paid Advertisements - Ads that you design and create then pay a platform to display for you in front of a certain audience. This includes:

- Google Ads

- Facebook Ads

- Instagram Ads

- LinkedIn Ads

With these three lead generation methods, the ultimate goal is to book a meeting with you. When they do, you would further explain what you're offering.

What is a good lead? 

In order to find a good lead, you must create a persona of your ideal client and come up with an Ideal Customer Profile.

For example, let's assume you have a career coaching business for women and you're specifically targeting fresh graduates or women who have been in the work field for a couple of years and are now looking for a career shift.

So your ideal client is a woman aged between 21 and 27. Since your entire market research is based on the US market, she would preferably be English-speaking and based in the US. You can go into more detail. You can say, “My ideal persona is a person who likes to read these types of books.”

“My ideal client is in a serious relationship.”


“Has a dog”

“Has a master's degree”

You can go crazy with your Ideal client profile and try to be as specific as possible so that when you're looking for people, it's easier for you to just weed out anyone who might not be suitable for you.

After creating your Ideal Client Profile, you have this image in your head of the person you want to contact. In Outbound Lead Generation and specifically in the social media outreach part, you can look for a person who matches the profile and message them on the platform of your choice.

This brings us to the next step, which is to write your offer.

Your offer has to introduce your business, introduce yourself, and explain exactly what it is that you're offering.

You always end your offering message with a call to action.

It can be, “If you're interested in learning more, book a meeting with me here on this link”

After perfecting your offer, you find people who match the profile you created earlier and reach out to them.

Depending on the social media platform, you can set a goal of reaching out to 50 people a day.

Out of these 50 people, you can get a few people who might be interested.

There will be some who say they're interested then stop replying.

That's fine!

Between every 200 messages that you send, you would find one person who is the Ideal Client for you and who absolutely loves your vision and actually wants to sign up and take you up on your offer.

I hope this was a good introduction for you to lead generation and now you have an idea of what to do when you're starting your business and how to find and reach out to clients who align with your vision.

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