Importance Of Cash Reserves, Money Management, And How To Overcome Frivolous Spending Habits

January 6, 2022

On this lovely day, I want to talk to you about money. Cash reserves, money management… And a big pitfall I kept falling into with my frivolous spending habits (& how you can avoid them.) Check out the video here >

Breakdown of what I cover in the video:

1. What are “cash reserves”?
- My riches to rags story (from 6-figs in the bank to 20k in debt)
- What it is and how much you should have

2. Why they’re important
- Having the safety net
- Thriving instead of surviving
- Long term thinking and innovation

3. What you can do to build cash reserves
- Facing the pain
- Getting out of denial
- Cutting expenses
- Tacking cash flow
- Compound effect

It’s less about how much you make, more about how much you keep.

Boom, money talk is over.

For now ;)

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