Importance of short term strategy and long term strategy in business

January 6, 2022

Most people have no idea where to start when it comes to building their business in the most effective way.I hear the phrase “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels” over and over again when I’m talking to people. And understandably so!

There are is so much contradictory information on the internet telling you to focus on all the things.

You’ve probably heard things like:

“Video is the most important thing..”
“Email marketing is the best method..”
“Instagram is where it’s at!”
“Ads is the only way!”

And so on....

Some information out there is effective yes, but the order of importance in which it is done is wayyy out of wack.

There is a season for everything. And email marketing or YouTube videos when you’re first building a business and looking to sign clients quickly is not the way to go.

So if you’re wondering where to start-- what actually moves the needle forward quickly and what is the first step-- read on. When you’re starting out, you don’t need to focus on all of the things.

What you do need to focus on, is moving fast, and implementing the cheapest, fastest methods for bringing in cash flow.

So your priorities at the beginning of growing fast phase:

A. Move fast
B. Cash flow -- like now.

Examples of moving fast, cash flow now, short term strategies:

- Getting your main social media medium set up quickly with powerful messaging
- Getting an effective landing page website set up quickly optimized for conversions
- Doing direct outreach
- Posting content relevant to your niche with a CTA offer
- Running ads to your funnel and generating calls with automation

These are all awesome strategies to hit $10-30k+/month. In fact, you can hit 10k months without even touching paid ads. And you can scale up wayyyy past that with paid ads. BUT. Ads cost money. The other methods don’t.

The problem is, all of this is usually taking place on the medium that is not going to last. And neither is your content. So that brings us to pivoting into long term assets alongside the short term assets.

Examples of long term thinking, results later, lasting assets strategies:

- Moving your landing page website to Wordpress or Webflow / building SEO / blog posts
- YouTube videos / building SEO / connection and value with your audience
- Email marketing / nurturing leads / providing value on your own platform that you control
- Attribution and analytics / understanding your lead sources, doing more with less

So anyway, I know too many entrepreneurs focusing on long term strategies at the beginning... and I can tell you this: it’s gonna take them years to get up and running making 6 figures. When it could have happened in 3-12 months.

So once you have high ticket clients coming in -- (consistently), you are hitting 10k+ months already, and you have scaled and mastered the fast strategies-- from there you need to continue doing short term strategies AND pivot into implementing long term strategies.

People who focus only on short term get taken out.
People who focus only on long term get taken out.
The order in which things are done is very important.

And it’s also important to master one layer at a time and get it working really well, before implementing a new one.

So there you have it. Hope that helps you understand the order of things and what your next steps might be! x

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