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OBA Video Review x Baylee Buchanan

January 6, 2022

Meet Baylee Buchanan - a talented brand expert and graphic designer. Before I met her, she was freelancing full time but had reached a point where she felt stuck and unsure of how to expand. She was contemplating going back to school thinking it was the only way she could add value to her clients.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into Baylee’s story: 

Problem: Stuck in a fixed mindset and being unable to scale her business and offer her clients more, she was feeling helpless and demotivated. 

Solution: Join our OBA program (that shows you how to build a scalable online business-- covering how to build a strong foundation with an “80/20” offer, resonate your message, master lead gen, communicate your value, and sign consistent high-value clients.)

Results: A month in she signed her first high ticket offer, and now that she’s been in it for almost 6 months, she has 5 consistent high paying clients and is working on getting more. She now has a completely different mindset when it comes to approaching clients and has taken complete control of her well-being and business growth.  

In her words: “If you are out there wondering if this is something you want to do and you're like, ‘oh, is this just another program I'm going to join? And they're going to say they're going to give me all these results and I'm not actually going to get them.’ This is the one that will change you and that will really grow your business.
It's just incredible.
And there's nothing bad I can say about it.”

Here’s the scoop on Baylee: 

She was first feeling stuck but then the girls in the OBA fam were telling her to follow all the steps in the program to a T, and that’s what she did:
- She did everything in the right order
- She showed up and was eager to learn
- She is determined to achieve her goals
- She has a thirst for knowledge and is consistently finding new things to learn

She implemented everything she learned from the program and went from being a freelancer to running her own online service based business.

Would you like to start and grow a scalable, sustainable online business?

Do more with less... have more fun?

If you are ready to step up your game and change your life — then I can tell you, you WILL see amazing results. But you need to WANT IT. You need to be teachable and up to do the work.

Apply to join us in the OBA fam (the absolute coolest, most supportive group of women I’ve ever known...) and book a free strategy call with me here. x

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