The Myth Of Competition

January 6, 2022

We’ve all been fed the lie of “the more competition you have, the harder you will work, and the more you will improve.” We always thought the best way to measure success was by comparing ourselves to our competitors and seeing where they were at just to give ourselves the satisfaction of not being worse than them. 

How much of the myth of “Competition” actually stands true? 

I’m here to challenge the ingrained view on competition and expose the truth behind it.

The Illusion of ‘Competition’ 

Have you ever noticed how everyone around you thinks there’s so much competition no matter what field they’re in?

  • Your actor friends think everyone wants to be an actor. 
  • Your real estate agent friends think that everyone's trying to be a real estate agent. 
  • Your writer friends think it's so competitive and everyone is trying to be a writer. 

Truth is? It’s not competitive.

It’s only competitive among people who (not to be rude but) kinda suck. 

Shocker isn’t it? 

It’s okay, you can take a minute to let it sink in.

It goes against everything we were told. But let’s go into it a bit more for a second so I can help shift your perspective…

The Truth Behind ‘Competition’

I’ll say it again for the people in the back, it’s only competitive among those who suck. 

Wanna know why that is? 

It’s because there’s no competition if you’re the best. 

  • If you try
  • If you actually do great work
  • If you care
  • If you show up
  • If you're consistent… 

Then there's almost no competition. 

Why would you even want to compete with others when you can be the best instead and not even have to worry about what any other person is doing?

A good example from my own life is back when I was in real estate. I used to cold call, (which is the biggest “power task” of someone who's a real estate agent.)  So you're supposed to cold call, and make 15 contacts everyday. That’s what I was doing, and I was getting listings. I was calling all the “For Sale By Owners” who had their phone numbers listed publicly, and I asked one of them: 

“How many real estate agents call you every day?”

I was shocked to say the least when I received the reply: 

“Only about three agents have ever called me. You and two others.”

Other owners told me the same, that only a couple of other agents here and there called.

Now bear in mind, there are THOUSANDS of agents in Los Angeles which is supposedly one of the most competitive markets in the US. How is it possible that only a couple of people from thousands would call the owners? 

How is it possible that less than 1% of agents in Los Angeles actually do the bare minimum, which is their “power tasks” that they’re supposed to do instead of dilly dallying with admin work. 

The bar is so low that even doing the bare minimum would make you stand out.

This brings me back to my main point. If you're actually doing the work, if you're putting in the effort and showing up… there’s almost no competition.

You are in the 1%

What to Focus on instead?

Instead of wasting time being worried about other people and what they're doing, I would invest all my time in figuring out where I currently stand and how I can become a master at what I want to do. 

The only competition you should be thinking about is competition with yourself. 

Strive to be better than the you you were yesterday.  

Focus on doing great work and constantly exceeding your own expectations. 

While putting yourself out there is crucial in order to succeed, it is not enough. You have to back it up. You back it up with your results. 

Focus on actually being good at the skill that you're trying to do. 

Big companies are always on the lookout for good talent, but then when you talk to people looking for jobs they always complain about the lack of jobs available and the lack of opportunities. 

That tells you something.

You have to genuinely care about the people you're helping. Most people are just out for themselves and they're trying to make a quick dollar. Would you want to hire someone like that? Who is in it only chasing quick cash? Or would you want someone who puts their heart and soul into their work?

It’s an obvious answer. 

There’s a lot of competition among people who are doing the least.



To Sum it up:

  • Everyone believes there's always so much competition in their fields.
  • It's only competitive between people who aren't even putting in the bare minimum amount of effort
  • If you're showing up and putting in the effort, there would barely be any competition.
  • The only person you should ever compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. 
  • ALWAYS DO THE MOST and a bit more…

Hope that changes your perspective on competition!

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