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Why vs How: The Big Myth That Keeps You Stuck

January 6, 2022

When starting a business, some people might have it all planned out; all the steps they’re going to take to the tiniest detail yet feel absolutely stuck and helpless. This is more common than you’d believe, and it’s due to a very obvious reason. They don’t distinguish between their Why and their How.

What is the difference between why and how?

The ‘why’ is a burning desire for something.
- Your reason for being.
- The Pole Star of your life
- The high level path you're following
- Why you get out of bed in the morning

That's your ‘why’.

It's the emotions, the feelings, the vision, the power behind your intention.

The ‘how’ on the other end is about your tactics, your strategies, your techniques. Might be:

- Writing out a business plan
- Making a checklist
- Figuring out the details. 

Trying to figure out exactly how to do something that's a ‘how’.

Here's the thing. Most people focus all of their attention on the ‘how’, and they have very weak ‘Whys’. That’s how they’re brought up. That’s how everybody is used to doing things.

“I just need to know the ‘how’, then I can do it.” 

When in reality, it's the complete opposite.

The Power of Intention

The people who are super happy, super successful. The people who thrive have an extremely powerful ‘why’.

They go about with the strong intention and they figure out the ‘how’. They solve it.

You just need to switch your intention from ‘how’ to ‘why’.

The ‘why’ is literally 99.99% of the process.

Now imagine you're drinking a cup of coffee.

Do you have to tell your hands exactly how to pick up the cup of coffee? Or do you just pick it up? 

You just pick it up, right?

It's the same thing with everything else in your life. As soon as you have an intention, a strong will, your mind and the universe and everything will help you come up with various variables that are going to combine together for you to achieve that thing or for you to get that thing.

And the best thing to do is to aim at a high level path. If you're aiming at small things, there's not a lot of power in that. You don't actually know what you want, what you specifically want. So your energy is being wasted and you’re gaining nothing out of it. 

You need a strong ‘why’ around a high level thing, whether it's total well being, financial freedom, complete health for the rest of your life, or whatever.

It needs to be a very high level path, okay?

And that's the Pole Star of your life.

If you are interested in how that works, I would highly recommend reading a book called Psycho Cybernetics. It talks all about your brain and how the intention results in you being able to do something. And it's about self image and all these other fascinating topics that fall in line with this. Here’s the link to where you can buy it: Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded: Maltz, Maxwell: 9780399176135: Amazon.com: Books

Keep an Open Mind

The universe moves mountains for you. So if you have your mind set on exactly how you want to do something, then you're actually closed off to the potential of what the universe can give you.

I'll give you an example from my own life. A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where I had already started businesses in the past, and I was, at the time, starting another one. I ended up getting an opportunity to do a mentorship and I was so resistant to doing it because it was an assistant position, and I had already, in my mind, sacrificed everything to build businesses and never be an assistant again.

I'd had loads of assistant jobs in the past. So I was like, “Hell no.” But it just happened to be that this apprenticeship and assistant position was under somebody who was the best in the game at the space that I was trying to build businesses in, which is the online business, high value online business service based business space and courses.

So grudgingly, I ended up leaving my business that I was just starting and mentoring under this person. During that entire mentorship, I had so much resistance and doubts in my mind on whether I was committing a huge mistake or not. 

In the first week, I wanted to quit.

I was like, “I can't do this.”

“I need to build my business.”

However, I ended up sticking it through with a lot of persuasion. If it wasn't for that mentorship and that assistant position, there was no way I would have been able to do what I was setting out to do in my ‘why’.

It's like the universe knew better the ‘how’ than I did. In my mind, I was like, “Yeah, the How is you need to start another business ASAP” when the universe was like, “No, you need to do this mentorship, and then you can go back and you're actually going to start this business.”

And I can't even begin to describe all the signs that fell into place when I was focused on the ‘why’ and being too closed off to how the universe was unfolding the ‘hows’.

You should always be aware of your intention. Always course correct according to it. If you find yourself getting lost, just remember what your high level intention is and work on making that stronger and stronger and stronger.

You will figure it out. The ‘how’ will unfold for you.

There’s a quote by Richard Dawkins that I really love about intention, “The rabbit runs faster than the Fox because the rabbit is running for its life and the Fox is only running for its dinner.”

I hope that helps you as you set out on your life's journey and focus on your WHY, and have no doubt that the How will always fall into place.

To Sum it up:

  • Find a strong Why that you believe in and the How will figure itself out.
  • Once you have an intention, the universe will align and pave a path for you towards your goal.
  • Always keep an open mind to How you will achieve your Why, the universe works in mysterious ways.

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